A company in the U.S. started an almost plug and play sustainable eco friendly business called CompostNow. With CompostNow you can home compost, without composting at home. Members receive a small bin to keep in your kitchen or on your back porch. Fill it with all you organic waste. This includes all food waste, paper products, and anything else compostable.

As a CompostNow member, you are entitled to receive the final results of your composting efforts. Here’s the deal, on average composting yields about %50 of the original weight of waste. In other words, if they’ve collected 100 lbs of waste from you, you are entitled to have up to 50 lbs of nutrient-rich soil delivered right to your doorstep. CompostNow costs $25 for weekly pickups and is only available in Raleigh, North Carolina. Could this work here in the Philippines? This might be the solution to our garbage problem that clogs our drainage which cause flooding.