Nowadays you can see many banners and streamers along the streets, in electric posts and other strategic places that captures the public eyes. This banners and streamers are made of the latest tarpaulin printing technology which is why it is now in full color and also very affordable and cost-effective now. This are usually use in special event advertisements such as concerts, conventions and many other uses. The wide use of tarpaulin ads poses a new problem this are usually use only  for a numbers of months but the material that is use is very durable that it can be use for a lifetime and hince a new idea of recycling this material into other uses come up and can be a great idea for a new kind of  business.

Kimberly Hess has been an inventor her whole life. She’s also been a gardener, a florist and a seamstress.

Now she’s found a pursuit that allows her to practice all those skills at once.

Hess has invented The Tomato Bag, a hanging, cone-shaped container made of recycled tarp remnants.

“It keeps remnants out of the landfill, it allows me to be creative and it could help to keep the employees here busy,” says the rural Halstad, Minn., woman, who works as an independent industrial seamstress at TRS Industries in Fargo.

Hess is also working on prototypes for a smaller herb bag, a compartmentalized petunia bag and a bag that would showcase dried-flower arrangements – another self-taught specialty of hers. Hess also envisions a deluxe tomato bag, which would come complete with its own water container.

Photo by INFORUM.