As per estimates by the World Wildlife Foundation (WWF), two-thirds of the global population may face water shortages by 2025. Hence, it is crucial to adopt solutions that make efficient use of resources, and Wepot, a Swiss startup, is doing just that. By producing irrigation pots sustainably using regional suppliers and keeping the production local, Wepot offers a solution that can save substantial volumes of water – up to 70% compared to conventional watering systems – for home gardeners and commercial growers.

Wepot’s irrigation system is an updated version of the ancient agricultural practice of irrigating crops using clay pots buried in the ground. The jars, known as ollas, are buried up to the depth marking after digging a hole in the ground and then filled with water. The plant roots grow towards the pot, and with the natural porosity of the clay, draw out the required amount of water.

The company produces jars in various sizes, making it feasible to use the system both indoors and outdoors and for gardens of different sizes. The smallest ollas are suitable for watering houseplants, while the larger ones are placed at regular intervals in outdoor plots. Most pots require refilling only once a week.

Apart from reducing water wastage, using these jars also helps prevent the growth of mold from standing water and discourages weed growth by keeping water as close to the plant roots as possible.

Innovators are exploring several ways to promote plant growth without leaving a large water footprint. This is a great negosyo idea here in the Philippines, especially for those with clay pot industries.