A cute diaper idea in U.S. by Ada Vaughan created a booming diaper business. By combining her passions as a mom and her love of cloth diaper spark the idea.

It all began in 2008 sewing diapers in her basement. She tried different things such as illustrations and even made 40 different kinds of baby food. She really wanted to own her own business. She started working with a professional seamstress in 2009 and then went to China and looked at the factory where the diapers would be made.

CuteyBaby offer 8 different prints for the modern cloth diapers that customers can choose from. There is also the “Zip it, Baby!” dry bags where dirty diapers can be kept neatly until laundry time. There are two size options for the dry bags. There are also “Keep It Clean” biodegradable liner sheets.

Photo by CuteyBaby