Modern day people and businesses are going on line to be informed and keep us updated on the happenings around the world. For the business side we need to be online if we want to grow and expand our business. We need to build our brand and be known all over, and the online world is a great channel that we can build our brand affordably without any limitations. The proliferation of social media nowadays can skyrocket your smallest business with the help of viral information if manage right.

With all the positive things of going online there are also some drawbacks like uncontrolled online reputation which can wreak havoc your business in no time if you are just leaving behind the online world. Whether you are working in promoting your business online or not, you are not immune to online negative comments. It is imperative that you need to monitor your business online in order to be close to the people who are fans of your business or people who don’t like it and post negative comments online. You can learn more about protecting your online reputation by reading online specially with experts on this like Michael Fertik who co-authored a book Wild West 2.0.