Spring and summer are times for outdoor gatherings. With the sunny weather and longer days, many people are eager to take in an event. If you’ve been charged with planning it, you’ll have quite the to-do-list. Take time to plan accordingly and reflect what patrons’ desire. Here are a few tips to help organize your occasion.

Have Space

Meet with your committee (hopefully you have one), and discuss your needs. How much land do you need in all? How best can you divide the space to maximize function? Draw a layout of the area, and revisit it over a week. Ensure plenty of walking room. Guests don’t want to feel crammed in.

Rent a Structure

Outside events hinge on several factors. A major one is the weather. Rain, snow, and the summer heat can make an unpleasant day. Invest in a tent or clearspan structures to keep people comfortable and out of inclement weather. Consider several factors about the temporary building. First, is it climate controlled? This helps assure comfort. Second, is it sturdy? Should it snow or have heavy rains, you want to protect your property. Third, is it big enough? Again, you don’t want to overcrowd and create an unpleasant experience.

Have Seating

Don’t expect others to stand for the duration of the event. Rent chairs and a few tables. This allows for breaks and casual conversation. Having these rests could energize people to stay longer and do more.

Select Entertainment

Chances are you have a concept for your gathering. Whether it’s a work event, wedding, or festival, plan on satisfying several personalities. Hire a DJ or a band to play music in the background. This keeps the event lively. In addition, make sure you have proper activities for the ages attending and that these are spread over the period of time.

It’s a lot of hard work to pull together an event. Don’t hesitate to ask others for suggestions. When it’s done, enjoy the big day.