Here is a niche negosyo idea for pregnant woman. Why spend a fortune for a dress you only intend to wear for a few months while you’re pregnant? Rather than buy and hang onto various dresses or maternity outfits one website has pregnant women considering rentals instead reports stylestoday.

It’s rare that most women of normal-size get more than a few wears out of a cocktail dress, so the likelihood that you’ll wear a maternity cocktail dress again is far-fetched.

A new web-based company has a solution. The name says it all,, The company was founded by “mompreneur” Marcelle Costello.

Dresses range from $35 to $70, and more than half of’s styles rent for less than $40. Typical prices break down like this: $35 for one week, $50 for two weeks and $60 for one week with a guaranteed that the dress is brand new or only rented once.

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