As we know, babies grow incredibly quickly, which means that they go through a lot of clothes. A Dutch circular babywear brand Red Orka is on a mission to make baby clothing more sustainable. The brand offers a monthly subscription, for which customers will receive high-quality, clean, and reusable baby rompers. Customers specify the size and can then return the item once the baby has grown out of it.

All rompers are fully Organic Cotton, made in Europe, and don’t have side seams. Red Orka says that their rompers can be used by at least 6 babies, “saving up to 5400 liters of water per customer and 48 percent less CO2.”

Subscription is monthly, with the items dispatched and delivered within 48 hours after payment. In the delivery box, customers are given a canvas bag with the rompers they ordered.

Once parents have received the new rompers and are done with the outgrown ones, the company asks customers to check the items for any tearing and stains and wash them before sending them back, therefore continuing the circular sustainable cycle.

Red Orka said “In my point of view, most innovation is needed in the recycling process. So far we are able to make quality garments with 50% recycled cotton and 50% virgin cotton. The goal for me would be to go for 75/25 in the next 7 to 10 years.”

The company went live in April 2021 and is looking for recycling companies interested in partnering. Aside from that this is sustainable for our delicate planet, this can be a huge saving for something like this here in our country the Philippines.