Things lose their value in abundance, so even though roses and lilies are pretty, they aren’t really earth-shattering in terms of the floral hierarchy. What species are special enough to turn heads and cause wonder? Here are just a few flowers you won’t see in the common greenhouse.

1: Anthurium
With volcanic origins and red, heart-shaped leaves, the anthurium is a great flower for romance. Put them in a bouquet when you propose to your girlfriend; let them spill out of a gift basket filled with her favorite things; hang them in the windowsill of your first home together.

2: Jade Vine
Deforestation has driven jade vine almost to the point of extinction, but florists are working hard to keep them alive. Their bright blue petals and unusual vines are just too precious to lose!

3: Protea
Found on the edges of a crater in Hawaii, the protea flower is renowned for its beauty and rarity. Not only does it bloom in exotic colors and shapes, but it isn’t grown anywhere outside the Aloha State. If you want it in your garden, you’ll need to have it special ordered.

4: Koki’o
Koki’o are found on the branches of small trees that only exist by the handful. They’re short, sweet and incredibly isolated, their numbers totaling less than 25 in the entire world, and their flowers are likewise a rare treat.

If you’re looking for one-of-a-kind flowers, these four should be enough to get you started. Say goodbye to the common hydrangea and hello to its more unique cousins!