All it takes is one click.

Devoid of the usual heavy paperwork and text-heavy contracts, GCash, operated by Globe Fintech Innovations Inc. (Mynt), has now made investing inclusive and effortless.

With the GCash Invest Money feature, the financial technology (fintech) pioneer continues to give Filipinos a taste of what the future has in store. With much-coveted digital services in demand, GCash, continues its steps towards its vision — finance for all — making their digital services available to everyone, may you be a subscriber of Smart, Sun, TNT, Globe, TM, or the future third player.

“We want to reach as many as possible. We want to continue what we started, and that is to improve the daily life of each and every Filipino. Being telco-agnostic means that anyone can use GCash, which means anyone can invest,” Mynt President Anthony Thomas said.

With its foray into digital investments, GCash, along with ATRAM Trust Corp., was the first to offer a digital investment service to millions of Filipinos. The service is open to all smartphone users, including non-Globe subscribers.

Through GCash Invest, GCash continues to make financial management accessible for everyone, much-needed in a country where only 31 percent of the population have formal bank accounts.

“With the current situation, we want to offer our services to our users so they can learn to maximize their resources. There are so many smartphone users in the country, and we want them to utilize this technology to the fullest,” Thomas said.

Safe, secure digital investments

In the Philippines, most rural areas lack access to formal financial services. With Filipinos deprived of education on finance management, individuals funds are not fully maximized. Most take on age-old practices like hiding away their money under their beds, a common Filipino superstition.

“In investing, the value of what users earn continues to grow. By investing money through GCash Invest, Filipinos are assured that their investments are secure and safe,” Thomas added.

With GCash, anyone with a smartphone can start investing for as low as P50. The telco-agnostic app offers its users the chance to secure their futures in the most convenient way possible, as it introduces digital investments for everyone.

GCash Invest allows users to invest in various funds from its partner product providers. Users’ investments funds are managed by a professional fund manager, who invests the money in different financial instruments like stocks and bonds.

Neophyte investors can now experience a smooth and straightforward approach to the whole industry, with GCash being their trusty sidekick. Users can redeem their investment and earnings anytime without having to worry about any fees.

At the frontlines of financial inclusion in the country, GCash continues to defy expectations as it introduces its innovative services to the local fintech scene, including digital payments, remittances, credit, insurance and now, investments.

The app started to offer its services to everyone in late 2017, regardless of the mobile carrier. With over 44 million smartphone users in the country, everyone can enjoy the variety of digital finance tools GCash has to offer.