Most people have seen land surveyors at work, they simply did not know what services were being carried out. If you have ever passed by a person looking into a tripod-like device, you have likely seen a surveyor at work. These professionals offer a range of services that revolve around the measurement and mapping of pieces of land. These services are important for many reasons and it is essential you are aware of why they matter to you.

What Does a Land Surveyor Do?

There are many services a land surveyor carries out and people are not always fully aware of these services or their need. At Cochran, surveyors perform a range of duties for construction projects, tunnels, and land development.

A land surveyor must be able to use advanced equipment in the course of their daily work. They may use GPS, aerial tools, and theodolites to carry out their work. A theodolite is an instrument you have likely seen that has a tripod type of construction.

Land surveyors must take images of the land they are measuring and providing information on. They must also work with difficult calculations which must be precise down to the most minute of details.

As a part of the tools they use, land surveyors must be accomplished in using auto-CAD to draft map measurements and plans for their clients. These drafts must be made in exacting order for their clients.

Types of Land Surveyors

There are multiple types of land surveyors and some professionals are skilled in more than one area. The following offers a description of the types of professionals that are available to take care of survey work.

  • Land surveyors help to identify the legal property boundaries of a piece of land. They can help determine the precise location of construction and real estate projects so there are no land disputes that develop because of miscalculation.
  • Engineering surveyors determine the precise location of roads and buildings. They work to discover the proper depth that is needed for a building’s foundation. These professionals study property lines and identify any restrictions that may be in place. They also become involved in the study of the grading and topography of roads.
  • A Geodetic surveyor uses satellites and other aerial tools to measure large expanses of Earth. As with all types of surveying, these professionals must be precise in application and measurement to produce accurate results.
  • Forensic surveyors survey the scenes of accidents, so they will be able to determine if there are any potential problems with the landscape.
  • Marine surveyors survey all types of bodies of water, including the floor of a river or lake. They measure the shoreline, the depth of the water, and its features.
  • Mine surveyors map out underground tunnels and survey the surface of mines so it can be determined how much mineral volume has been removed through mining.

It is clear to see that there are a lot of types of surveyors available, and each is needful in its own way. Most land surveying professionals must have a minimum of a bachelor’s degree to enter the profession. Skills in math and calculation are crucial, along with being able to draw up extensive maps and other design drafting.

Why Does a Surveyor’s Work Matter to You?

Responsible land development cannot take place without the work of a land surveyor. These professionals are typically hired before excavation and land prep even begin. A surveyor is usually the first professional on any construction site, and they work throughout the construction project to ensure the development of the land is carried out precisely and according to the rules and regulations of the state, county, and at the federal level.

There are several important benefits of having your land surveyed and they include the following.

  1. If you are planning a construction project, you will need to hire a land surveyor to carry out some work before the project begins. A construction survey will help to map out the best point to place the building and where the roads should be put in place. If an existing structure is already in place, you will need a building permit survey.
  1. When deciding on purchasing a parcel of land, it is wise to hire a land surveyor. These professionals can determine the exact property lines and help you understand if the property is a good purchase or not. A land surveyor will help you determine if a piece of land is prone to flooding and if the deed accurately measures the piece of land. Without a land survey, you could find yourself making a regretful purchase.
  1. If you plan to subdivide land, a land surveyor is a professional you will want to call. A survey company can help individuals who want to divide up their land for heirs or a commercial property owner who wants to parcel their land and sell them to individuals.
  1. Without an accurate land survey, a piece of land could be improperly valued. A land surveyor is needed for both buyers and sellers, to ensure an accurate value is assessed for the property. The value of the land is based on much more than size alone. The hardscape and landscape details must also be accurately taken into consideration.


Unless you have ever hired a land surveyor, you may not be fully aware of the many services these professionals offer. Now that you know what services these survey experts offer, it is much easier to realize their value.

Land surveyors work in a variety of different fields and provide needful information for land development projects. When choosing a surveying professional, there are three important questions you should ask.

  1. Would you provide me with a site presentation?
  1. Who will be my project manager?
  1. Do you have references?

Choosing the right professional for the job is essential for ensuring the services are carried out to exacting specifications. You may need these professionals for a variety of land development projects throughout your lifetime. With these professionals, you can rest assured your property purchase, construction projects, or land development needs are fully met.