A CPA or Certified Public Accountant is a person who passed a qualification test that will handle your business account for proper recording as required by the government and also for your evaluation on the state of your business whether it is profitable or not. CPAs are licensed by the government and they are qualified to handle income tax report for your business for the Bureau of Internal Revenue or BIR here in the Philippines.

Choosing the right CPA for your business is critical as this entails long term commitment and should be already part of your business team just like a banker and a lawyer who will advice you on your major decision on the business.
If you have a business that deals around the world you might consider also hiring other CPAs in your different major operation area such as Hawaii CPA if you have operation in Hawaii other than the Philippines or in Europe perhaps which also have a different kind of accounting system.

Another tip of advice in getting a CPA is to pick those that deals with the same size of your business so they would be familiar with the laws that govern your kind of business.