It can be difficult to gain much success in the investment industry, specifically if you strike out on your own. While several people have had great ideas for businesses, it’s up to investors to really make a business grow into something with more global potential. An example of a business leader who has proven himself in the investment industry is Scott Reiman. From humble beginnings in Wisconsin, Reiman has grown into one of the country’s best financial managers and business leaders. He founded his company Hexagon Inc. in 1992 and still is the President. As a young business leader, he has also won an Ammi Hyde award for his achievements.

There are a few other business leaders like Reiman. They constantly give back to their communities and strive to distribute their wealth through charities and civic organizations that really build up their local businesses and organizations as well. Reiman works with a variety of civic boards and even serves on the Mayor’s Financial Management Task Force for the City of Denver. He also has contributed to the University of Denver, where he graduated in 1987 with a BSBA in Finance. All of these actions in addition to charity work have made Reiman one of the more humble business leaders in today’s marketplace.

However, you still see a lot of big businesses that don’t have the same ethics and attitudes when it comes to charity and giving back. It’s so important to really build up your local economy and offer your skills to help those in need. As a financial manager, Reiman can really help some of the organizations around Denver such as Big Brother. He even started his own, the Reiman Foundation, where he currently serves as the managing director.

There are a ton of ways for businesses to give back to their communities. Reiman is just one example but it offers a lot of ideas for other business owners and corporate leaders. In a world that has really grown cold in certain markets it’s important to maintain a sense of duty to your fellow man and strive to become a beacon of hope for whatever industry you choose.