This could be a great negosyo idea for Filipino entrepreneur who knows the charter flight industry.

If you’ve ever wondered what it’s like to fly on those fancy private aircraft that rich people use for getaways such as skiing or beach weekends, a Web-based company in Smyrna, Tennessee aims to put you in the jet set — at prices that rival those of regular airline seats. allows individuals to book vacant seats on private charter airplanes via the Web and ride point-to-point, avoiding layovers, plane changes and even those long security lines. Although the website is down as we check on it, this is quite a good idea here in the Philippines.

Nationwide in the U.S., more than 91 private air-charter firms, which operate 627 private aircraft with 30 seats or fewer, have already signed up to offer their empty seats to Social Flights users, said Jay Deragon, chief executive officer and a co-founder of Social Flights. More than 12,500 people have registered to use the service.