I’m not really a coffee drinker but sometines I always have this problem when going out with friends to coffee shops for a hang out. The coffee serve is usually very hot that it will burn your tongue and suffer no taste buds for the next days. Coffee is always more enjoyable if it’s the correct temperature. Too hot and it burns your mouth. Too cold and, well, it’s just cold mud in a mug.

Finally a device called Coffee Joulies were invented to solve both problem. They look like large polished stainless steel coffee beans and are about the size of an ice cube. You put two or three in your mug and pour your coffee over them and the non-toxic liquid inside the shell absorbs excess heat to cool down your coffee to a perfect drinking temperature. As your coffee cools below the temperature of the liquid inside the Coffee Joulies, heat is then transfered back into your coffee. This two-stage process works to ensure that your coffee maintains it’s perfect drinking temperature longer, making for a more enjoyable drinking experience.

This is a great opportunity to coffee shops here in the Philippines to offer this new kind of product for added income. You may visit there website at joulies.com.