This is a new twist to kids playground found in every malls in the Philippines. What would Disneyland be like if children could work in the mines with the Seven Dwarves, engineer the Disneyland Railroad, or sweep out Sleeping Beauty’s Castle? If they got paid and could deposit their earnings in Uncle Scrooge McDuck’s Bank, it would be a little like KidZania, a multinational chain of family entertainment centers, where kids try out professions that have been downsized, simplified, and made fun. At these soccer field-size franchises in malls from Tokyo to Lisbon, children play at being adults. The Morning News has more on this: Right now, in eight malls spread across three continents, thousands of children are dressed as pilots and flying digital planes from mock cockpits, anchoring news broadcasts in fully functional TV studios, or wearing helmets and extinguishing faux flames with real water cannons.

Children can play surgeon, detective, journalist, courier, radio host, and dozens more jobs. They can buy and sell goods at the KidZania supermarket, take KidZania currency that they earn to an operational bank staffed with adult tellers, and be security guards escorting KidZania currency around the park. They can assemble burgers and pizzas, which they can then eat, or give makeovers to other paying children. At the planned KidZania Santiago, Chile, minors will be able to play at being miners. One-size-fits-all costumes supersize the cute factor. The result of all this is mass-produced adorability. Great negosyo ideas for those planning to open a new kids playground in malls.

Photo by /\ltus.