With the new law here in the Philippines about drunk driving here is a great idea for bars and alcoholic drink companies out there.

Recently in Brazil, Beer Turnstile initiate to help drunken revellers get a free ride home in exchange for their empty cans of beer. Now another campaign has come up with an equally innovative solution, replacing the traditional label on bottles of Stiegl beer with a free public transportation ticket.

Developed by design firm Demner, Merlicek & Bergmann, the concept was implemented in Salzburg, Austria, at Christmas time – when people are more likely to be in the party spirit and drinking a bit more than usual. Rather than the typical label wrapped around its seven percent Bock beer bottles, Stiegl attached a ticket for use on the city’s public transport systems. The idea was that consumers would be encouraged to take a safe journey home instead of getting behind the wheel.

Much like the Rio carnival campaign, the campaign not only helped to save lives but also promote Stiegl as a socially responsible beer producer. These are ideas that make bars and alcoholic drink companies brand do good to society and help the brand look positive at the same time.