With the very saturated bottled water industry here in the Philippines, here is a new twist to starting a new bottled water business. Springwise reports: From France to Fiji, bottled water brands rely on spring-based provenance to lure customers. A newcomer is focusing on a different kind of message: positivity. A Bottle Of, which claims to be Australia’s first Naturally Positive spring water, currently comes in three varieties: wellbeing, love and strength.

Launched last December by Heidi Albertiri, a flower stylist who believes in the power of positivity, A Bottle Of hopes to lift people’s moods, encouraging them to “Sip it – Say it – Absorb it – Feel it – Think about it – Repeat it – Believe it”. Given the size of both the self-help market and the bottled water industry, there’s something to be said for a brand that combines the two.

A Bottle Of is currently sold through a small number of retailers, yoga centers and gyms in New South Wales and Victoria, and the company is actively seeking stockists in Melbourne and Sydney. Furthering its message of positive change, a nickel from each bottle sold goes to Food Water Shelter, a not-for-profit organisation that builds eco-friendly children’s villages in Tanzania. How about licensing the brand to other regions where consumers would welcome an affirmational sip?

image from: abottleof.com.au