Flour Gal

Meet Lyla Padden, a 12 yearl old girl who started a cupcake business. A good example and inspiration for kids here in the Philippines. Here’s the story from Westworld: When adults think about starting a business, they worry about loans and other terrifying prospects that often stop them from following their dreams. But young entrepreneur Lyla Padden only considered positive outcomes when she started her cupcake business, Flour Gal, at the age of ten. Maybe that’s why she has been so successful, and continues to sell her confections two years later.

Padden’s love of baking drove her to start her own business. “I’ve always loved baking, ever since I was little,” says the twelve-year-old. “One day, when I was off from school, I was really bored and I decided, since I loved baking, to start a cupcake business. So I put fliers around and I got business pretty quick so I stuck with it.”