Popsicle ice cream as we call it here in the Philippines are everywhere, found in sari-sari stores and street vendors. Here is a negosyo idea that market the common popsicle into a quality made premium popsicles made from real fruits in our locality. Read an excerpt from NYDailyNews: It was a business idea that seemed right for the times: taking a legendary dessert treat and making it nutritious.

Since forming small but thriving People’s Pops in April, these Brooklyn entrepreneurs have barely kept up with demand. The company makes about 1,200 popsicles a week, up from 300.

“Week after week we’ve pushed ourselves to produce more,” said David Carrell, 27, one of the company’s three co-founders.

The company sells most of its popsicles on weekends and feature distinct flavors, like watermelon-basil or sweet rhubarb.

The entrepreneurs also sell popsicles for office parties and corporate events, a treat workers at American Eagle, Vanity Fair, Bon Appetit and Aveda have enjoyed.

Last month, amid lots of bad weather, the company had lower-than-expected revenue of $15,000 and expenses of $3,000, excluding salaries. Fruit is the biggest line item in their budget, accounting for half of monthly expenses. Rent for the kitchen and flea market come next.

The co-founders have tried to focus on reinvesting some of the startup’s income in hopes of expanding. “We all have our nose to the ground and are looking to develop the company and not take profits,” Carrell said.

Photo by NYDailyNews.