Social Security Disability is available for all Missouri residents that qualify. The benefit is for people who no longer work because of a physical or mental illness that falls on the list of qualifying illnesses. To qualify for Social Security Disability, an applicant has to be eligible by earning enough credits for it by working. The government will consider the person’s work history. Next, the individual cannot have an income that is more than a certain amount per month. Disabled persons cannot earn much more than $1,000 per month and still be considered for Social Security Disability.

Illnesses That Qualify for Disability

The government has a comprehensive list of all the illnesses and conditions that qualify a person for disability benefits. Some of the most common illnesses that qualify for SSD are cancer and HIV. Cancer and HIV are terminal conditions that will qualify a person for expedited SSD benefits. Other physical conditions that are on the list of eligible conditions are muscular dystrophy, diabetes and sickle cell anemia. A person can receive SSD benefits for a mental illness such as major depressive disorder or bipolar disorder, as well. The condition must cause the person to be unable to work for at least 12 months, and a physician must state that the condition is highly unlikely to change.

The person who is applying for the benefits must have a severe disability, a terminal disability, or a disability that will last for at least 12 months as per the acting physician. The physician will have to provide evidence of a sound diagnosis as well as a recommendation that the person will not conduct any work activities for a certain amount of time. The treating physician will play a huge role in the patient’s claim because he or she will provide the largest amount of documentation to the people who are reviewing the case.

SSD Approval Process

SSD cases can take several months or several years to close. Many applicants receive denials because of incomplete paperwork, income disqualification and the like. Sometimes, disqualification is an automatic occurrence. An applicant will want to hire a Kansas City disability attorney to ensure that he or she has the best possible chance of obtaining an approval. Many disability attorneys will represent people on a contingency basis. Those who do not provide contingency coverage will at the very least provide a free consultation. Parmele Law Firm is an example of a firm that can help.