While the punk look has a long and colorful history in the fashion world, it’s also easier than you think to dress like one. Don’t be intimidated by all the choices out there. Use these four tips to achieve a punk look with minimal effort.

1. Straps
Also known as “bondage straps” or “pants straps,” these accessories are a must-have for the classic punk style. They’re usually worn by criss-crossing them behind the legs and securing them at the waist.

2. Studs
Studs can be added to everything from hats to belts. They’re especially striking if you pair them with an all-black ensemble where their metallic gleam is contrasted with the darkness of your clothes.

3. Printed Tees
Printed tees are popular all across the board, but they hold a particularly important place in punk fashion. Their colors and pop culture references make them an easy way for punks to express themselves depending on their mood.

4. Plaid
Red plaid is a staple of punk fashion, though popular clothing lines have also come out with blue, green and even pink plaid. It can be mixed and matched with other punk accessories in numerous ways, making it a versatile and flexible addition to your closet.

These are just four essentials of punk rock clothing. There are many more, of course, but since punk is founded on individualism and free thinking, it’s important to try new things on your own and not just follow the trends. Have fun!