Salespeople have a unique set of skills that help them upsell and get customers to spend more. They must have strong sales skills, but they must also understand how to work with people, communicate with others and go above and beyond. Though you can often gauge how well an individual might do during an interview, using the right testing methods can help you make sure you choose the right man or woman for the job.

What is the Sales Skill Index?

The Sales Skill Index, or SSI, is a type of assessment that tests the potential of employees and determines how well test takers might do in sales positions. The test consists of more than 60 situations that workers might encounter on the job and judges the way they respond to those situations. Employers can better understand how well potential employees might handle stressful situations and if they can make sales.

Why Test Potential Employees?

The cost of hiring a new employee can easily reach thousands of dollars. Between advertising openings and interviewing those who respond, you might spend more time and money that you would like. You never know when that person who did great during the interview phase might constantly show up late to work, have problems talking with customers and feel stressed throughout the day. The SSI is a simple way to get a better look at a potential employee before hiring that worker. Learn more about the process before hiring a single worker.