The decision to move a business to a new location is often an opportunity to learn more about how that business operates and how its leaders intend for it to grow. Many executives consider the monthly cost of a lease and whether the location as the primary factors in determining where to move. Although important, these features may not always be the priority considerations.

Aligning a Move with Company Goals

A business owner who has clearly defined goals over the next few quarters up to the next five years is a step ahead of his colleagues and competitors. Colleagues are so caught up in the daily grind that they function in survival mode instead of fully embracing a vision. The location should be a key part of that vision.

It is important to know how goals will be executed and on what time frame. This pushes the winners ahead of the pack. Every customer interaction should offer an experience the customer cannot get anywhere else. The wrong location could ruin this.

The Angels Mind the Details

Commercial real estate advisors help relieve some of the pressure in finding the right location. They assess whether a proposed location is aligned with a company’s intended image, whether the new space will accommodate projected growth or whether the technology capabilities and other amenities will make the transition easy.

Choosing a good business location is not a decision a business owner has to make on his own. An objective advisor looking out for a business’ best interests helps business owners see options they may not have previously considered. Advisors can stand far enough away from the decision to see the big picture, but close enough to the mission to get the location right.