Always looking for an easy way to clean your grimy mobile device while on the go? Here is a great negosyo idea for you. A Husband-and wife-run company FIFT has the answer in the form of the stylish Wipe Shirt, reports AOL Small Business.

Designed by Katsunari and Ami Igarashi, this white button-down shirt is equipped with a built-in microfiber cloth for gently wiping down mobile devices or eyeglasses.

The Wipe Shirt is available in two different styles: one with the microfiber patch sewn onto the shirt’s bottom and one with the patch located on the cuff of the sleeve, in sizes small to extra-large.

The shirt is yet another product in the couples’ innovative repertoire at FIFT that furthers the company’s stated mission — according to design blog Smith & Tamago — to “promote interaction between their products and the user.”

The shirt is also fashion forward, as it was designed with the help of a clothing designer with a degree from the Antwerp Royal Academy of Fine Arts.

The microfiber fabric is cutting-edge, provided by leading tech-fabric maker Unitika.

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