According to a story on KING 5, one-third of Americans don’t go to the dentist on a regular basis. Many of them say fear keeps them away and that is probably almost the same with the Filipinos. Now there’s a new device that can help lower dental anxiety with the press of a button.

Cindy Bryant doesn’t like going to the dentist. “I’m very afraid of the dentist.” she said.

In truth, Cindy thinks her dentist Rob Walker is quite wonderful, but all it takes is the sound of the drill for her anxiety to take over.

“It’s horrifying. I’d white knuckle it.”

Cindy doesn’t have to white knuckle it anymore, thanks to the Dental Button, a hand-held device she can activate at any time.

What happens when it’s pressed? “My drill just stops working immediately.” said Dr. Walker.

Cindy was impressed. “It’s just like..instant. And it made me feel powerful,” she said with a laugh.

Dr. Walker says the Dental Button also helps the anesthetic work better because when patients are anxious, they pump out adrenaline which makes the drugs less effective. Be the first to distribute this here in the Philippines, this is quite a good dental product.