Dictation equipment has been in existence for decades, but it has been limited in scope and application. Today, everything has changed. The technology in dictation has grown to the point where what can be achieved is limited only by your imagination, and to make it even more appealing, much of this technology is within reach of the average person. The following are three ways these devices are aiding professionals.

They are portable and powerful
Although there are a wide range of dictation devices available, most of them are small and easily transportable. Most of them are small enough to hold in your hand, so they easily fit in a briefcase. Equally important is that they are digital in nature and have the capacity to hold hundreds of hours of dictation. All of the dictation is organized with software that is already loaded on the dictation device. Separate files can be created for each application.

Dictation is ready for professional transcription
These files are already digital and can be transferred to a computer by using a storage card or a USB connection. Once on a computer, they can be sent to a professional transcriptionist, if needed. This is an important tool for those who need a hard copy transcription of interviews such as claims adjusters might require. Other examples include health care environments where written records are needed, or attorneys taking depositions and interviewing people who may provide testimony. Once a transcriptionist has been hired, the process of getting them the audio information is quicker.

These devices can be used directly by a transcriptionist
Depending upon the nature of your work, you may already have one or more transcriptionists on your payroll. In this situation, you will not need to have a third party transcribe the audio file. These devices are designed to allow for direct transcription. The audio playback can be listened to and transcribed. In addition, a good dictation device will have a foot pedal input jack, so a transcriptionist can stop and start the audio file when needed. These foot pedals are an important part of a transcriptionist’s tool kit.

For many professionals, dictation is a part of the job. Modern dictation equipment has made the job easier than ever before. There is no need for clumsy recording devices or storage mediums, and the audio is ready for transcription work, if that is required. There are several manufactures of these devices; olympus dictation equipment is one example of a line of products.