Another new business idea for the Philippines. We always experience this when it’s about time to cook because we are already hungry, the LPG gas runs out and you need to go to a gas station or call someone to deliver which takes time.

A new technology is getting popular in Latin America is a device where you put a smart scale on the bottom of the LPG cylinder to monitor the level of the LPG. Mexico-based Mabe, a leading manufacturer of gas stoves in Latin America, recently introduced the Gascale. A smart, digital scale, the Gascale converts the weight of the gas cylinder into a percentage of gas. When the percentage drops to a certain level, the scale sends an alert to the app.

When a user accepts the alert, the gas company is notified and schedules delivery of a replacement. The Gascale is free with the purchase of any Mabe gas-powered product, and the app is currently available for Android devices.

Technology is helping consumers avoid running out of essentials in a variety of ways. Who might be the first one to introduce this here in the Philippines? if you have the means this would be a great negosyo idea.