We all know how hard to paint on a ladder but a report from Galloway Gazette about a new ladder is a great idea worth inspiring for.

Dropping a tin of paint all over the kitchen floor two years ago when up a ladder led to 54-year-old New Luce farmer Alistair Taylor having a ‘light bulb’ moment that could see his innovative ‘Ladderlimb’ invention selling all over the world.

After clearing up the paint at Balneil Farm, Alistair thought long and hard about how to get round the problem of only two hands available to juggle paint cans, brushes etc., while remaining attached to the ladder. He soon came up with the ‘Ladderlimb’.

This tool that allows you to secure a paint pot or tool to the side of any ladder has caused such a stir since it came on the market that Alistair recently had an approach from a American business tycoon who was interested in buying the business for an undisclosed sum.

This week, budding entrepreneur Alistair took time out to call into the Galloway Gazette offices in Newton Stewart to talk about how much his life has changed since he invented the literal lifesaver for all tradesmen.