There is a strong trend today about organic and herbal products. First came herbal supplements like the organic medicines you will always heard over the radios and tv, then organic food and why not organic lotions and beauty creams as well?

Here’s a report from Cassandra Daily. Consumers who’ve long been judicious about what they put into their bodies are now taking the same thoughtful research measures with regard to what they put on them. So, it comes as reassurance that Isa’s Restoratives, a Brooklyn-made line of herbal body care products, have a limited lifespan, just like food. Its Comfrey Salve acts not only as a remedy for Old Man Winter’s wrath but also as a catchall cure for everything from superficial burns and minor nerve damage to diaper rash. The relatively new line has already been picked up by Terrain, Urban Outfitters’ similarly nascent garden-focused store.