Large and small organisations need to market their wares to potential companies to ensure they keep bringing in clients. However, marketing is not cheap; from sponsoring events, leaflet dropping to exhibiting at events there is no inexpensive way to get your name out there into the public consciousness. That’s why marketing departments pay their employees good money to come up with ways of spreading the word without costing the earth. Any good marketing department worth their salt would take advantage of annual correspondence with clients to kill two birds with one stone, like sending business ecards at eCO2greetings at Christmas. Here’s why marketing via an ecard over the festive season makes a lot of business sense:

Widespread marketing
Most marketing campaigns only offer access to a minimal audience, sp it can be difficult to find a way to hitting the entirety of your potential customer base in one hit. Meanwhile, marketing at events, leaflet dropping or advertising can be hit and miss. With corporate ecards you can send out targeted emails to current clients to help increase spend; bring back lapsed customers looking or entice prospective customers. Whatever the message you want to get out the door you can do it with ecards without worrying that it may be inappropriate or untargeted.

Inexpensive and simplistic
Marketing budgets begin to shrink when business is not going as strongly in certain parts of the year, but really it should be the opposite as you need new customers to boost sales. As business owners get twitchy about releasing capital into promoting the organisation it is better to find cheaper ways to get noticed. Benefiting from the season of goodwill to push your business is a sure-fire way to cut costs and boost sales in one go.

Corporate ecards enable a business to offer their festive greetings via email; as well as including marketing spiel to keep your organisation in the mind of clients going into the New Year. This does not have to be limited to current clients with prospective festive greeting a great way to ingratiate your business with a new client base. Best of all, it enables you to negate the logistical costs and the labour intensive implications of a large greeting card mail out by sending it all by email instead.

One of the biggest issues with marketing campaigns is measuring its success in monetary terms or level of interaction. With improvements in business ecards technology you can include links to social media or a website to help push new customers towards your latest services. Better still, you can track the link back to ensure that you know how successful it has been.