In a study it is estimated that there are over 2 billion people in the world that suffer chronic anemia and the Philippines is included on that.

Anemia is a decrease in red blood cells that carries the oxygen throughout the body. The effect on our body causes fatigue, discomfort and shortness of breath. Iron deficiency is the top causes of anemia which is actually an easy fix just by taking iron supplements, but people in developing countries like the Philippines will make this supplements an addiotional expense and burden.

Dr. Christopher Charles while looking for a solution to the anemia epedimic has developed a clever little item that he thinks will make a big change in the world. It’s called the lucky Iron Fish. It’s a pocket-sized fish that can provide upto 75% of an adult’s daily iron intake.


Not only is it incredibly portable but it’s very easy to use. Just boiling it for 10 minutes pulls the iron into the water. Add a little lemon juice for maximizing iron absorbency, and you’ve got your daily iron. What’s even better: the fish can be rinsed and reused again and again. This item can be a hit here in the Philippines for its novel idea and just a one time cost for the whole family, what do you think?