A tremendous amount of waste is produce in the Philippines right now as we are progressing economically. With a lot of trash that it produce we may be thinking how we can turn it into a lucrative business, well how about setting up an junk shop and collect all recyclable waste you can find in your area.

Tools of the trade

With all the recyclable junks you have collected that will consume a wide area of land you need some tools to make it more efficient in handling your inventory of junk waiting to be sold and ship out to scrap buyers.
One tool of the trade is the waste baler. This machine will compact your recyclable junks in an easy to handle and easy to stock form so as not to consume so much land area and not to mention it will be easier to ship or transport. But this kind of machines is not easy to acquire since it cost a lot of money. One way to get one of this equipment to make your junk business more efficient and profitable is to get a refurbished waste balers to save some cost and if your capital still will now allow it, you can also rent out one of this kind of equipment.