Old time cards and clipboards designed for roll call should be relics of the past. Improved solutions to managing employees have arrived in the past several years. Biometric technology eliminates an employee’s ability to falsify their log in data. Touch pad technology can provide a streamlined service. Lastly, computer software allows managers to customize a great deal of information.


Biometric time clocks are an increasingly popular solution for ensuring that employees are unable to falsify their time records. Companies like Allied Time USA have developed new hardware and software that can identify small rings in the thumb. The rings, which are also called swirls, are extremely difficult to reproduce. Biometrics essentially eliminates the possibility to falsify information on a time sheet by making each employee log in unique. The system is completely impartial. Managers and employees have no additional input into who checks in or out. The responsibility of signing in and out is placed on individual employees.

Touch Pad

Hardware that incorporates touch pad technology is increasingly common. For instance, Kronos has developed software and hardware that work in unison as a touchscreen and handheld device. With touch pad technology, users can easily navigate to software that allows them to clock in, clock out, view work schedules, mail, and more. The system offers an added benefit of impartiality with limited editing and creation abilities. User-specific pass codes can also be generated for security. Therefore, members of management will have access to more editing tools that will allow them to design worksheets, send mail, and more.

Computer Software

New software allows users to track work schedules and time sheets. The software can be placed on many different devices. Devices that are commonly used are smartphones, laptops, tablets, and personal computers. Once on the device, the software can usually sync to cloud-storage software that will allow multiple users to upload information in real time and simultaneously. Software allows users to select a device of their choosing to manage the time sheets. Having freedom to choose which device to use is a major draw for many companies. In addition, software is usually cheaper than a new piece of hardware, and software features far more customization options.

New options are available for business management. As technology has advanced, new solutions have opened the path for easier ways to keep track of employee work schedules and time sheets.