The adventurers and explorers who take to trails every weekend need geophysical imaging equipment to see what is underneath the ground they are hiking. These adventures makes it easy for people to make a hike into a science experiment. There are many people who may want to have geophysical imaging equipment with them.


Teachers who take their classes on hikes will be able to survey the ground and show their students what the Earth has to offer. Teachers can take images of the ground for their young students to color, but teachers with older students can take inventory of what they find underground.

Teachers with advanced students may want to begin digs on the ground they are surveying. These surveys allow the class to determine where to begin the dig. There are many geological artifacts to find underground, and the class can complete a geological profile of the area.

Historical Searchers

A team that is searching for historic artifacts can use geophysical imaging equipment to find the artifacts that they are searching for. Battles that were fought on wooded land left behind many different items that can be found with this equipment. Also, the graves of soldiers can be found so that those soldiers can be given a proper burial.

There are many historical societies that want to find people who were once lost on a large swath of land. This means that the geophysical imaging equipment can easily return images that the team can use to begin digs.

Amateur Adventurers

Amateur adventurers can take small geophysical imaging equipment with them to do a new survey. These surveys could yield small and large artifacts, but the adventurer may simply find joy in seeing what is beneath their feet. The best way for an amateur to find artifacts and learn about the land is with tomography gear that they can carry on their back.

The best way for people to learn about what is underneath their feet is by using tomography equipment. Classes will learn what is underground when their teachers take them on a field trip, and college students can make geological profiles of the area. Historical searchers and classes should click here for more information about tomography.