Customized shirts make great gifts, and if you own a small business, they add professionalism to your employees. They can be ordered online from companies such as Apparel Manufacturers in large quantities or individually with your logo, design, photo or other personalized design. High-quality, name brand shirts are available for discounted prices if you buy them in bulk online.

The Benefits for Your Business

Customized shirts will make your employees look professional. You can have your logo or business name stitched on the front and choose the color that suits your brand, and you will give a good impression to your customers. They also make a great giveaway for advertising. Every time someone wears your shirt, you company logo and website are seen.

Branding an Event

Customized golf shirts make great tournament gifts for participants and friends. It will give them a souvenir of the event that is really useful and will last for years. You could order several styles for men, women, and children so families could be matching as well as employees. These shirts would also make good gift incentives and could even be sold for fundraising for a good cause.

Other Options

  • Teams can design their own logo and have it printed or stitched on T-shirts or polo shirts. Your team name and graphic can be customized on the shirts.
  • Customized shirts can also have pictures printed on them. You may want to give someone a shirt with a small picture of their pet or of their favorite restaurant or band. This makes a one of a kind shirt that is a very special gift.
  • At church or other social functions, shirts that are personalized with witty sayings or photos can be sold to raise funds for a worthy cause.
  • You can buy customized shirts in bulk and sell them on your website.
  • You can also order several different qualities and styles, so you offer a low-priced shirt as well as a high-quality shirt for men, women, and children. This is a chance to start your own clothing line.

There are three basic ways shirts are customized. One is embroidery, which is stitched on by a digitized machine; one is screen printing, which looks the best if there are tiny details in the design; and the last is appliqué, which is cut pieces of fabric that are stitched on the shirt. This gives the impression of 3D. Customized shirts are practical and useful for your business or event.