There is now an easy way to boil egg with no shell. If you love to make things using hard boiled eggs but hate messing with shells, you will love Betsy Kaufman’s latest invention. Betsy was making breakfast one morning when an idea struck her. What if you could hard boil eggs without their shells? By the time her coffee was done, she had a complete marketing plan, reports Chron.

First thing Kaufman did was hop on the Internet and see if a product like Eggies already existed. She couldn’t find anything that made hard-boiled eggs without a shell. “My heart literally started pounding,” Kaufman said. “I thought, ‘This is the idea!’ I had an adrenaline rush. I’ve always been a fan of unique, fun products and I’ve had a few ideas in the past. One was for disposable sheets for college students who live in dorms. Another idea was for an ottoman that you could unroll and use as a mattress. Those ideas never made it. But I really thought that a product that made hard-boiled eggs without a shell would be a success.”

Kaufman sent her idea – and $25 – to Edison Nation, a company that researches the sales potential of household gizmos and helps inventors bring them to market. Often these are products you don’t need, but can’t live without. At least it seems that way at 3 a.m. Edison Nation liked Kaufman’s idea and partnered with Allstar Products Group, the company behind Snuggies, the Topsy Turvy tomato planter and the EmeryCat feline nail groomer, to manufacture and market Eggies. This product is great for restaurants here in the Philippines. It’s a great negosyo ideas to be the first one to distribute it here in the country.

Screenshot from Eggies