In today’s world, the restaurant industry has had to make some major changes due to the COVID-19 threat. This includes limiting or even eliminating dining in restaurants. To stay afloat, many restaurants have had to either begin or increase their ability to deliver their food to customers.

For many restaurants, this change has been quite challenging. For some restaurants, it has been hard to keep the same level of sales as they did with dine-in service. Fortunately, there are some simple steps that restaurants can take to help improve their food delivery. These minor changes are low-cost options that can provide huge returns to help keep the restaurant business thriving.

Food Delivery Software

Digital technology has made a lot of things easier. These various systems and programs allow any business the ability to keep track of the various aspects of their company with ease. The right food delivery software can help restaurants make deliveries smoother.

There are out-of-the-box systems available that can provide any restaurant an easier delivery process with an easy to use platform. Even those with little technical training can learn to use the program system with ease.

These programs can provide an automated dispatch system that can assign drivers deliveries, calculate the best route to the customer, and even estimate the time to prep and deliver the food. It can even offer an integrated system for communications between the drivers and the restaurant.

These systems can even provide restaurants with a website to allow easy ordering for customers. It can be easily customized with information about the business. At the end of the day, the system can even provide detailed reports of all deliveries. This can help streamline the delivery process and reduce mistakes and other errors that can hinder the proper delivery of the customer’s order.

Enhance Online Presence

Having great food for delivery can help keep a restaurant going in these difficult times. Unfortunately, if no one knows the restaurant is there, they cannot order. This makes it vitally important for restaurants to enhance their online presence.

A well-maintained website is vital. That website should include all information about the restaurant, including the menu. The website should also offer online ordering. This makes it easier for customers to get the great food a restaurant offers.

The next step is to create a presence on various social media outlets. Very active accounts are a must to keep people interested. Most customers will see the business’s social media account before they visit the website. This makes it important to keep the page inviting by displaying food options or even promotions.

Mobile optimization is also important. Many people access the internet through their smartphones. The business’s website should be optimized to allow viewing on a smartphone. A mobile app can also make it easier for customers to order.

Upgrade Packaging

Many businesses may not put much thought into their packaging, especially those that have already provided pickup services. However, packaging can be very important when delivering food items. The packaging could actually make or break the delivery service.

Although most businesses do not want to spend a lot on food packaging, it is important to not go too cheap with this. The packaging should hold the food well and prevent spillage or damage from the delivery. Customers expect to get the same beautiful meal they would have gotten if they dined in.

Tamper-resistant packaging can help keep food sealed tight during transport. Packaging that allows a customer to eat out of the container can also be a benefit, especially with individual meals. Packaging should also be easy to open and use. If a customer dumps the food out trying to get the package open, they will not be pleased with the service.

Another aspect of the packaging is the labeling. It is important that the package is appealing and contains the restaurant’s name and logo. This is representing the restaurant’s brand. When the food is good and the delivery was great, restaurants want customers to remember where they got it from. The right packaging can help ensure that.

Restaurants should also provide their drivers with insulated bags for delivery. Providing these bags for hot or cold food can help keep the items at their appropriate temperature throughout the time spent in the vehicle. This ensures the customer can enjoy the food in the fashion it was intended.

Create a Better Menu

Creating the best menu possible can help drive more customers to the restaurant. Brand dishes and a variety of options make it easier for customers to find something everyone will enjoy. Some restaurants offer different menus for dine-in, carryout, and delivery customers. This provides the right meals that work best for each situation.

A better menu, however, does not necessarily mean changing the food choices. A better menu should be something that customers have easy access to. It should also be enticing so that customers will feel compelled to place an order.

Placing the menu on the restaurant’s website and social media platforms is a must. The more a potential customer sees the food available, the more likely they will be to order. It is also important to provide pictures of the food being offered. At least some of the main dishes served should be photographed so that customers crave the item in the picture.

Outsource Delivery

Another option that could help a restaurant stay on top of the delivery game is to consider outsourcing the delivery. There are numerous established delivery providers that offer services for restaurants throughout the country.

This is a great way for those who do not normally deliver to begin providing this service for their customers. There is no need to hire new employees or train drivers. These third-party delivery services use their own drivers to pick up the food and deliver it to customers in the area.

Even restaurants that already have their own delivery drivers can benefit from these services. They can help increase the delivery area or provide back up during busy times of the day. These services also have established websites and apps where the restaurant can be advertised to new customers.

With delivery becoming a major part of most restaurant service for the foreseeable future, it is a good idea to make the changes needed to create the best delivery service possible. There are many customers staying home more and the larger selection of food choices for delivery can help make their life a little more convenient. This convenience can create loyal customers even when things get back to normal.