How would you like to have a smartphone that can repel mosquitoes? well, a new smartphone that comes equipped with an ultrasound device claims to be available now that may repel harmful mosquitoes.

This could be a very in-demand device with so much problem of mosquito-borne diseases like dengue fever and other serious diseases.

The company that is developing this device is LG which decided to combine the market of insect repellant with the market for smartphones by releasing a smartphone that can also act as a mosquito repellent. The new smartphone, the LG K7i, comes equipped with technology that emits ultrasonic waves from a mesh grid on the back of the phone. The ‘mosquito-away’ technology has already been used in other LG products, such as air conditioners and TVs. The ultrasonic waves are designed to imitate the frequency range of mosquito predators such as bats or dragonflies.

Check out this new technology if you are in this area of business and I’m sure this could be a good negosyo idea here in the Philippines.