If you are feeling anxious about your MRI scan, the culprit is more than likely the closed bore machine. The feeling of being closed in may be too much to bear, and this may cause you to put off scheduling the procedure. However, there are many facilities and hospitals that are using open bore machines for MRI scans. It is a great way to calm your fears and increase your physical comfort. If you are still feeling anxious, here are four benefits of choosing an open MRI machine for your scan.

It Calms Your Mind

A peace of mind is the number one benefit of an open MRI scan. If you suffer from claustrophobia, the thought of sliding into that enclosed tunnel is terrifying. You do not have to worry about that when you choose an open bore machine. The open design features space on both sides of your body to calm your mind during the scan.

You Are Not Alone

You may not be able to have someone in the same room during the scan, but this does not mean you are going to be alone. A technician monitors and stays connected with you during the procedure. They watch over you to ensure the scan is going smoothly, and you are welcome to address your concerns through the speaker system. There is nothing like knowing someone is watching over you during a medical procedure.

It Brings Physical Comfort

The restricted movement is another reason why you may put off scheduling an MRI scan. You may have difficulty getting comfortable inside the closed bore, or you may have to schedule another scan due to an inaccurate reading. You can lie comfortably and get an accurate reading by choosing an open bore MRI machine. The open design and body-weight capacity make it easy to scan different body types.

You Are Given An Accurate Diagnosis

It is possible to feel calm and comfortable without sacrificing an accurate diagnosis. The facility or hospital uses a state-of-the-art machine to capture high-quality images of the target area. Your physician gets an accurate reading without asking for a second scan.

You do not have to worry about feeling anxious, uncomfortable or closed in when you choose an open machine for your MRI scan. The open machine also allows your physician to give you an accurate diagnosis and treatment plan.