COVID-19 causes small businesses all over the world to close down especially those with physical stores for several months. Nowadays as we are beginning to understand this new virus, the Government is starting to ease up the lockdowns to make the economy run even in a trickle way.

As we are opening our shops or stores to make our businesses survive in this time of pandemic the government requires us to observe mandatory health protocols from our staff to our visiting clients before allowing us to open the store. One of these required tools is to have a sanitizing dispenser for the clients to have clean hands before entering the business premises. Another tool is the digital thermometer to check clients if they don’t have high fever which is one of the signs of COVID-19 before entering our premises.

For the past months, as businesses are starting to open up their stores, it’s very hard to find these required tools to buy in order so we can start to open our business and adhere to the government-mandated health protocols. We’ll now gathered some of the best tools you need here and where to sourced them out.

Non-Contact Sanitizing Dispenser

This sanitizing dispenser only requires you to place your hands below the dispenser and it will automatically dispense the sanitizer, either alcohol or alcogel to your hands. Unlike other brands this also comes with a UV light sanitizer aside from the alcohol, it will light up and disinfect your hands at the same time using ultraviolet rays aside from the alcohol. You can only find these UV light disinfections mostly in hospitals for thorough disinfection. The dispenser is powered using 4C cells or it comes with a 6V DC adaptor you can connect on a power outlet.

Non-Contact Thermal Screener

This non-contact body temperature scanner and screener can auto-detect and alarm when the temperature is more than 37.6 degrees centigrade of the entering client. It comes with a floor stand so your security guard will be free from holding always a digital thermometer so they will become more focused on monitoring the health protocol standards of your entering customers in the store.

To get these tools for your store premises, you can buy it at JCreate IT Solutions, Door #5 JJN Bldg., Mastersons Avenue, Cagayan de Oro City. You can call them at 06-326-0093 or 0917.716.8140 for your order. They also have email at [email protected]. Contact them now to have a demo or get one immediately.

JCreate IT Solutions also assist the community with their products in partnership with Xavier Heights Subd. Homeowners Association Inc. and Department of Agriculture 10.

High-Volume Thermal Screener

If your store or office has a high volume of people going in and out of your premises, you may have this Non-contact High Volume Thermal Scanner instead. In can monitor high fever people passing through the gateway and check for any metal objects at the same time. This can eliminate more security thereby saving you cost. It can even detect and identify people on a database because it has a built-in camera too.

Recently used in Cagayan de Oro Cathedral during the ordination of Archbishop Cabantan.

This High-Volume Thermal Screener can be sourced from RSpot Solutions, Inc. which is the distributor in the Philippines or in their official dealers around the country. Contact RSpot Solutions for more details, they can be contacted through email at [email protected] or call them at +63-88-3260093 or +63-908-886-0249 or visit their website at