When people begin the process of investing in a franchise, they need to calculate the Cold Stone franchise cost. The cost for the franchise is a large amount that must be paid upfront to the company. These costs trickle down over time because the investor must pay for many things to keep the operation going. Each cost below is a risk that must be assessed before people invest their money in a franchise.

The Franchise Fee

Many people use cash or take out loans to pay the franchise fee. The fee itself is quite large, but the franchise can pay for that fee over time in profits. However, people to consider the cost of the fee against other opportunities they have. There are many people who will pay the fee happily because it is no more expensive that other things they could do with the money.

Uniforms and Training

The uniforms and training for the staff must come from the company. The investor must make sure that they are able to purchase all these materials upfront, and they need to make sure they can continue to provide these items to their workers. When the business has the right uniforms and training for each person on staff, it is much easier for the business to remain successful.


The investor will be required to upgrade their facilities every few years. This could include changing the outside of the building, refurbishing the interior of the building or a combination of the two. Some people will be asked to change location, and they must be able to pay for these upgrades out of their profits. When the business is able to upgrade properly, it can operate for many years to come.

The best way to make sure that a business is functioning properly is through a risk analysis. They can decide if they feel comfortable paying the fees for the franchise and all the costs that come along with it. Each new item must be carefully thought over before someone invests their money in the franchise.