A business logo is the most recognizable and visible element of a company’s branding, so it’s important to make a lot of thoughts on making a new one.

Website CMS Wire recently published an article about the “five things brands should consider” when creating a new logo—highlighting five logo design trends, it talks about the pros and cons of each one and the factors that should influence whether you adopt each of them.

“Companies are now opting for a flat look, removing transparency altogether.”

The use of transparency can create a pleasing sense of depth in a logo—however, the use of this element today can make a logo look dated, as a flat design is “currently taking over mainstream logo design”.

Moreover, with the rise in popularity of digital devices, more complex logo designs, such as those with layers of transparency, would not show up as well on smaller screens.

“Hand-drawn designs are idiosyncratic, playful and open.”

The logo should reflect the nature of your business. For instance, while hand-drawn designs can be eye-catching, and come across as intimate and friendly, it is usually not suitable for a large multinational corporation.

Other things to consider when creating a logo for your company include where the logo should be placed so that it would stand out, how fast it would load on digital platforms, how well it represents your company and how clients are likely to react to it.