Almost all of us have used parcel tracking to check the location of our package. Whether this is via the web or through a mobile app, this is a key feature that many customers are prepared to pay a premium for. This kind of technology shouldn’t simply be a consumer tool used to track parcels from the post office to the point of destination, though. Behind the scenes, end-to-end tracking can be a valuable tool for businesses too.

By sending your parcels with end-to-end tracking, you’ll be able to almost eliminate missing package requests. If you start to run into any problems, you’ll be able to better troubleshoot the issue thanks to the extra information you have at your disposal. Each time a package is passed through a new location, a new data entry in the log will be automatically created which you can refer to via cloud-based software. Not only will this ensure that you’re outgoing goods are more secure, but your entire shipping process will become much more efficient: benefitting both your business and your customers.

The advent of the internet fundamentally changed the game for new businesses. Now, even small startups can reach customers from all around the world: a privilege that was previously restricted to all but the most successful companies. While this is almost entirely beneficial to modern-day businesses, it does mean that you face more competition than entrepreneurs did in the past. This is why establishing positive word-of-mouth should be one of your main priorities early on. Incorporating parcel tracking in your online storefront is just one of the ways you can improve this part of your business. You should also look to work with top third-party couriers like Parcels Please or popular online payments systems like PayPal to earn new customer’s trust.

Finally, end-to-end tracking could play a crucial role in growing your company overseas. The e-commerce market in China is currently booming and represents a huge opportunity for businesses looking to expand internationally. Fortunately, these shoppers are not restricting their purchases to local sellers either. According to a recent study published by market research expert Nielsen, almost a third of Chinese shoppers saying that they’ve already purchased overseas goods online. For international orders that could take several weeks to arrive, ensuring that your customers can easily track where the location of their parcel is crucial in developing good consumer relationships.