When parcels have to travel hundreds of miles to reach their final destination, it’s inevitable they may get banged around or bumped at some point on their journey. With this in mind, there are several things you can do to help ensure your fragile item makes it to its final destination safely and in one piece. Here are some essential tips to follow for posting fragile items overseas:

Clearly Label Your Parcel
Although labeling your parcel as ‘Fragile’ or to be ‘Handled with Care’ doesn’t guarantee its safe delivery, it lets couriers know to be more careful with the box, ensuring that it’s not bumped around unnecessarily. The red and white ‘Fragile’ tape can be useful so couriers can clearly identify your package as one to be careful with in advance.

Use High-Quality Packaging
The best way to prevent your fragile parcel from being damaged overseas is by taking extra care when packaging it to make sure it’s protected as best as possible. There are several ways you can do this, by using strong and durable packaging. Be sure to use a cardboard box which is as true to size as the item you’re posting as possible in order to protect it from moving around inside the box. Always pad the remaining space out in the box with either old clothing, bubble wrap or polyethylene foam in order to give the item added protection when it transit. Use strapping to secure your box on the outside for extra protection and to stop it from easily opening up.

Use an Experienced Courier
One way to guarantee your fragile parcel arrives overseas in great condition is by using a knowledgeable and experienced courier service like the ones available at Parcel2go. With a great range of top quality international couriers available to choose from, you’ll be able to source the best courier for your parcel and at the best price, helping you to save money and ensuring that your goods are transported in safe hands.

Add a Return Address
Although adding a return address won’t help your parcel to get to its destination any more safely, it will mean that if there are any noticeable problems with your delivery whilst on its way overseas, you can easily and quickly be contacted and informed about them.

By following these top tips, you should be able to ensure the safe and quick delivery of your parcel overseas.