Ecommerce site in the Philippines is going mainstream nowadays and in order to compete in this new industry here is the secret. It’s quite simple: fast and free shipping closes deals. Looking for free shipping offers is a learned behavior by consumers, and they expect it – especially around holiday time. By offering special shipping promotions, buyers are more likely to purchase under the impression that they are saving money, somewhere.

Candidly, that means that you the merchant, need to figure out if you have the margin to offer free Shipping; where you can cut some costs; or, raise some prices to cover the cost of shipping.

One of the best ways to cut shipping costs, is to actually cut the cost of shipping. Shocking, I know. If you are shipping from 1 location today, there is a very good chance that you shipments over long distances can be cut. Putting inventory closer to buyers cuts the cost of shipping. Optimizing your best sellers by shipping from multiple warehouses is a huge cost savor. Plug your business volumes into our free shipping tool to see the cost savings.