With any business, the key to success is customer satisfaction. Ensuring that customers are satisfied is essential to good worth of mouth and high retention rates, both of which are vital to company growth – this is especially true for start-ups and SMEs. In addition, while there is no one single definitive method to make sure that your customers are happy, processing orders and delivering goods in a timely fashion is perhaps one of the most important aspects.

There are a number of delivery options available to businesses and customers, but technology is expanding these services in new and diverse ways, as well as promising exciting future innovations. Some of these choices include:

Same and Next Day Delivery
Improvements in logistics technology and management have led to an increasing number of companies and couriers embracing faster delivery options. Local SMEs and large national businesses now provide same and next day options, meaning a customer can order and receive products that are urgently needed, all with a fast convenient turnaround and without having to leave their home.

One Hour Options
Depending on location, customers may be able to take advantage of expedited one-hour delivery. This includes large multi-national corporations, supermarkets and food retailers, as well as smaller local companies. Businesses now have the choice of a wide range of couriers who offer one-hour delivery slots – delivery brokers such as Inxpress offer great cost effective solutions for businesses.

GPS Tracking Systems
GPS is one of the latest developments is set to change the future of delivery. With the continual expansion of apps, consumers could soon have more control over the shipment of their parcel through the use of GPS. This would work two-fold: by using the GPS tracking on the customer’s phone to accurately find and deliver the parcel, as well as allowing the consumer to follow the progress of their shipment.

Delivery via Drone
Drones have been prevalent in the news this year, both for positive and negative reasons. The most recent development brought reports that Amazon is planning to deliver using drones, with the aim of customers receiving parcels less than 30 minutes after placing an order. The plan is to roll out this technology across the UK (with government permission), promising fast and efficient local delivery systems.

To summarize, improvements in logistics and developments in technology means that there are faster delivery options, with the possibility of drones and further advances on the way.