If you’re trying to find a way to deal with your obligations at home while still supplementing your family’s income, working from home can be a great fit. There are hundreds of different work from home options that allow you to legitimately make money, but you also need to be aware of scams.

In general, steer clear of any companies that require you to pay before you can work for them. Legitimate companies will pay you instead of asking you to pay them for the privilege of working for them. If you’re not sure where to begin your search for a work from home job, start by taking an inventory of your skills and interests. If you’re already employed, ask your employer if the company offers any telecommuting positions. If not, make a list of jobs that would match up well with your current abilities.

When you talk to a potential employer, keep your level of security high until you’re sure if the opportunity is legitimate. You should not be asked to provide private information such as your social security number until after you’re hired.

Having a quiet workspace and owning the right equipment are two important keys to work from home success. If you’re doing a typing or transcription job from home, make sure you shop for dictation equipment well in advance of your scheduled start date. This gives you time to set up and practice with the equipment before your job officially begins.

Working from home isn’t always easy, but many workers love the freedom and flexibility of not having to go to the office every day. These types of jobs can also save your family money since you no longer have to worry about the costs of commuting, business apparel or going out to lunch with your colleagues.