As this pandemic continues to impact almost every part of our lives, there are going to be major opportunities for existing negosyo and new startup companies that will leverage either an opportunistic or a longer-term opportunity. Here’s NegosyoIdeas take on both.


Cleaning Products. With all the alcohols, soaps, bleaching chemicals, and other disinfecting materials all sold out when the lockdown started, the demand for these products will continue even after this pandemic is over. Cleaning our hands will be the norm in the years to come. Home, offices, and streets will now be always cleaned as a standard operating procedure. Producing and serving this demand will be an opportunity.

Stylish Protection. People will now use face masks always, it will be a common sight on the streets of cities around the world with people wearing their mask. In time people will look for more stylish masks and an explosion of stylish face masks will be in demand in the coming months. Designing innovative face protection will be in great demand.

Starting a Negosyo. So many have no work nowadays, layoffs are mounting. People will start to think about what to do next in their life, they may switch careers and others will be starting their own negosyo. In history, businesses that were started during a downturn tend to be far more successful. The key to it is to look around for problems that are not being addressed and try to come up with a great solution to start as a business.


Online Meetings. When the lockdown started, companies are scrambling for ways to hold meetings in a remote way since everyone is advised to stay home. The usage of existing online meeting apps surge, businesses have now learned how to utilize online working tools and applications that are providing value while cutting overhead costs. Utilizing online meeting tools and E-learning even for small companies will be the new norm.

Delivery Services. Companies in the delivery services have been trying to get a grip on their service for the past several years, nowadays people are looking for someone to deliver their daily needs to their homes. Delivery companies are in great demand nowadays and new customers are introduced to this delivery thing, even after this pandemic is over people will continue to use these services. A great negosyo idea for this is to look for niches delivering what never used to be delivered and stay focus on that.

E-commerce. While this pandemic is excruciating devastation to physical stores, e-commerce will surely accelerate to even higher levels. Online stores are experiencing more orders in the past weeks. E-commerce will never look back and a good negosyo opportunity is to look for niches that are underserved.

Online Presence. As people are searching online for businesses that they need while staying at home, businesses with an online presence with their own website will surely be the first thing that can serve their customers in need. Companies, even the small ones will realize that they need to be present online such as even a basic website and social media channels will be the ones who will be top of mind to people and their existing customers. Small and medium enterprises should have at least a basic website as their online hub and promote it through social media and search engines for their customers to find them.

Historically, if you look back over other recessions or downturns in our economy, great companies have been born in times during like this. This pandemic will also give rise to some amazing negosyo startups and innovative new products and services.