Today, a business in an industry crowded with competition must do everything it can to standout and make an impression on shoppers from all demographics. A selection of quality inventory, reasonable prices and stellar customer service all contribute to making a business successful. In addition, a tool like email marketing can get the word out about a business and make shoppers aware of what it has to offer. Look at five ways your business can benefit from email marketing.

Building a Favorable Reputation

Email marketing can help you build a favorable reputation for your business. You can let customers know about sales, new products and even the inspiration behind certain products. Shoppers and customers who learn interesting tidbits about your business via your emails are bound to develop a positive impression of your company. With the help of professional email marketing campaign services, you can create even more engaging messages to your customers.

Offering Special Promotions

Email is an easy and effective way to offer special promotions to your customers. This could be a limited time offer for free shipping, a large percentage off a purchase or even a subscription to receive free samples each month. Customers are more likely to stop by your store if they have a valuable promotion they can use on their purchase. In fact, if you offer enticing promotions on a regular basis, you may have some customers who anticipate the arrival of your email each week!

Nurturing Good Communication with Customers

It’s easier than ever to keep the lines of communication open with your customers. Through your emails customers are able to find out how to contact your business with questions about products, delivery times, upcoming sales and more. If a customer has a specific concern, you are able to address them by name and let them know you are doing everything you can to address the issue. Most shoppers appreciate it when they feel a business is listening to them and/or trying their best to fix an issue.

Gaining New Customers

The shoppers included on your email list have friends who may enjoy the products you offer. So, email marketing has the potential to garner new customers. One loyal customer may offer the email address of a friend to you so that person can also enjoy a special promotion. This is the virtual equivalent of word-of-mouth about a business. Your products are so loved by one customer that they are sharing the news with their friends.

Getting Customer Feedback

Email marketing is a way to get valuable customer feedback. You may get a return email from someone who has a suggestion on how to improve a product. Or, perhaps another customer sends you an email complimenting a product for its usefulness. You can use both positive and not so positive customer feedback, to adjust the way you do business. In short, you can improve what you have to offer by hearing specific types of feedback from customers.

By using email marketing, you can stay in contact with customers who love what you have to sell. It’s a simple, inexpensive way to communicate with your shoppers on a regular basis so your business is always on top-of-mind.